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Our mail role at Claude Mediavilla is to combine advertising and design in an optimal way to enhance your vision.

Over the last decade, we have gathered together a team of passionate professionals who share the same ideals and vision. We believe that a top-notch design is an ultimate way to establish visual communication with your customers.

There are not less than 12 people in our team.

So, what is behind the concept of design that we apply to each of our projects separately?

The idea is fairly simple. Whether you want a website, an application, a digital project or anything else related to design, we use the same vision, yet a different concept for each project. It is designed from scratch with your necessities in mind.

Brainstorming, idea generation, extensive communication and ongoing market research are our strengths.

We keep an eye on the market and we conduct each project based on the latest trends.

Execution is where we excel though. Each graphic design project is masterfully conducted with an exquisite attention to small details. We do not use templates, but design everything from zero in order to come up with an actual masterpiece.

We always keep our customers nearby, while communication is continuous. We want to fully understand your vision and deliver the most efficient result based on what you need, as well as what the market asks for. Simply put, we try to create a bridge between you and your customers.

Graphic design and copywriting

Here at Claude Mediavilla, we take pride in everything we do, but especially in our results. We also collaborate with a plethora of professionals should your project require something that we are not specialized in

All our services reflect the classic style of design, only it comes in a digitalized version – from direct brochures and sales flyers to applications and websites.


Design might be based on education and experience too, but we believe the actual imagination is what sets us apart.


Our style will match your style. We are extremely flexible and can take any kind of project, then adjust it based on your needs.


No project is too big or too small for us. We have designed for large corporations, as well as small local businesses.


Be believe that if you grow, we grow. Therefore, we try your best to help you maintain a strong online presence.

Team members

Jason Pavlovic

Coder and designer

Mark Supper

Co-founder and developer

Adrian Carr

Co-founder and designer

Alex Peterson

Assistant Manager

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