Known for his Calligraphy and Abstract paintings, the French-born Claude Mediavilla has gifted the world with his excellency. In his earlier years, he studied calligraphy, painting, and paleography at the Toulouse School of Fine Arts in France, also known as the School of Fine Arts of Toulouse. He earned specialized training in Calligraphy from the Scriptorium of Toulouse, a teaching workshop provided by the Toulouse School of Fine Arts for training students in subjects like Calligraphy, Typography, and Graphic Arts. The role of practical training received by young Claude Mediavilla through this workshop eventually catapulted him into receding huge success in the field of Calligraphy. Claude Mediavilla is known to be at the forefront of the revival of the art of calligraphy in France. His extensive education in the School of Fine Arts of Toulouse was completed in 1971, after which he practiced the learned skills for the next five years. The turning point in his calligraphy

career started when he joined the school he graduated from as a teacher in 1976. Throughout the course of his career as a professor, he strived to educate the children about the different nationalities and their calligraphy styles. He was also invited to several Universities overseas in order to deliver his speech and conferences. These schools include popular fine art schools like the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, the University of the Arts in Germany, and the University of Arts in South Korea. Due to the popularity of his classes, he also launched numerous courses throughout his career in France as well as in foreign countries like the United States, Belgium, and Germany.


Apart from being an excellent teacher, Claude Mediavilla was also a talented and innovative businessman. Just a year into his teaching career, he launched his own design studio in Paris, a city often dubbed the center of art-world. His typographic and calligraphic skills were put to use for advertising agencies and government organizations through his design studio work. Claude Mediavilla achieved early success in life – by winning the prestigious Charles Peignot Prize for excellency in Typography for designers under the age of thirty-five. It is interesting to note that the first ever Charles Peignot Prize, introduced in 1982, was awarded to Claude Mediaville. His notable independent work in calligraphy includes fonts such as Mediavilla, Palace, Media Script, Galba, Gallus Titling, and Aldi Roman. He is also known for the books he authored during the peak of his career in Paris. Some of the most popular books from Claude Mediavilla include ‘Claude Mediavilla: From calligraphic sign to Abstract Painting,’ ‘The ABCdary of Calligraphy,’ ‘The Handbook of Epictetus,’ ‘The God of Swallows’, etc. He has also produced excellent work in other languages, which he introduces in the book ‘The ABCdary of Chinese Calligraphy.’ His last known work in literature is ‘History of French Calligraphy,’ which takes the reader on a journey through the historical events and people who shaped French Calligraphy. Undoubtedly, he has also been successful in etching his name in that history.