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The craft of beautiful handwriting is called calligraphy. The tidy or ornamental handwriting on invitation cards or certificates is frequently assumed to be
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Because of its grace and rhythm, calligraphy is practiced. Details like letter construction employing various strokes, stroke sequence, letter proportions and rhythm, space between letters and words, and choice of pens, instruments, and paper are all carefully considered.


The study of pre-modern documents, such as handwritten books, reels, sheets, and single-sheet papers, is known as paleography. Before the popular application of printing in moveable type, the handwriting was used to convey thoughts and information.


Calligraphy art combines writing with symbols. The enchantment of calligraphy art is created by combining traditional writing and painting instruments, such as pens and ink, with brushes and paint.

About The Artist

Our artist holds decades of experience as a calligraphy artist. You would be inspired
artistically and be excited to incorporate these designs.

Relationship That Exists Between Calligraphy And Abstract Art

The calligraphic symbol should express both a physical and metaphysical meaning. The body should be guided by the spirit, which should then move in unison, channeling the energy of both the body and the spirit into the arm, the hand, the pen, and ultimately the sign.

Most Talented Contemporary French Calligrapher

Find both traditional and contemporary designs when you deal with our in-house calligrapher. Get the design that you are looking for.

Claude Mediavilla’s Work


Typography is the practice of designing to oversee in a way that makes it legible, readable, and visually beautiful when it is shown.

Advertising Creations

Looking to add a touch of beauty to your products? Use our calligraphy services to add an old-school charm or modern strokes to your brand.

Calligraphy Work

From wedding cards to special letters, we will render our services to you to bring forward to you the best designs.

Pictorial Work

Looking for apt calligraphy for your image? Contact us to get designs that suit your artwork and meet your expectations.


“Love the richness of beauty in their work.”
“They are fantastic at what they do.”
“I am blown away by the abilities of the artist.”

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Claude Mediavilla: An Overview

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